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Apparel manufacturing center opens in Nagaland

The first apparel manufacturing center in the Northeast has opened in Nagaland. Now, the plan is to have such centers in every state of the Northeast and build up an organized textile sector. So there will be eight such apparel making centers in the seven sisters. Each center will be provided 300 machines. Once the program is implemented, about 12,000 people are expected to be employed.

The Nagaland facility houses three firms – two for production and one for skilling to be operated on a plug and play mode for a period of three years. The firms selected to use the facility will exit after the expiry of the three-year period. The firms will use the facility for commercial production for the open market employing their own artisans or workers. The facility can also be used for converting locally produced handloom fabrics into fashion garments which can be taken beyond borders and showcased to the world.

The aim is to turn Nagaland into a hub of garment manufacturing and to promote entrepreneurship in garment making. It’s hoped youngsters in the region set up independent business enterprises rather than look for jobs in the mainland. Nagaland has a tradition of cotton production.