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BGMEA Requests Incentives for Non-Cotton Apparel Exports


Bangladesh's readymade garments (RMG) sector is facing increasing competition from emerging powerhouses like Vietnam, necessitating the urgent diversification of its apparel product line. While Bangladesh holds a significant position in the global market for cotton-based apparel, it falls behind in the non-cotton sub-sector.

The shift in global demand from cotton to non-cotton garments poses a challenge for the country's RMG industry, particularly as it holds a minority stake in non-cotton apparel exports to major destinations such as the US and the European Union.

This transition is crucial not only for foreign exchange earnings but also as the sector is a vital source of employment and investment in the country. Additionally, consumer preferences are evolving, with increased demand for clothes made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. Policymakers need to address these challenges by providing incentives, investing in skilled labor, promoting product development, and ensuring cost-effective financing and energy supply.

By seizing this opportunity and embracing material diversification, Bangladesh's RMG sector can secure its long-term growth and compete successfully on the global stage.


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