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Brands renew sustainability commitments through new initiatives

A new report by The Gaurdian states, the fashion market is belatedly responding to the growing problem of overconsumption as brands such as H&M and Zara have renewed their commitments to sustainability. John Lewis has introduced labelling to encourage a culture of handing down children’s clothes. Nudie Jeans has become a success, with organic products and stores that promote repair services and resale.

Fashion has also increased its accessibility to people. There is a discernible shift from discarding clothes to repairing, reusing or even renting them. Britain. Messages from public figures, such as the environmentalist Greta Thunberg, about not buying clothes is helping persuade people to turn their backs on fast fashion. As a new research reveals, 51 per cent of Britons are opting to purchase expensive but longer-lasting clothes rather than cheaper throwaway items, up from 33 per cent a year ago.


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