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Chinese sportswear market to exceed luxury market in 2020

According to a trade forecast, extreme sports clothing and expensive sportswear is popular in China, thanks to the government initiatives before the 2022 Winter Olympics promotional campaign.

After China implemented the one-child policy 36 years of full liberalisation of the second child, which is also expected to promote the growth of sports apparel market. According to PureGroup CEO of Hong Kong-based ColinGrant representation, the business opportunities related to health and healthy lifestyles. PureGroup in Asia’s business include gym, yoga, retail and nutrition.

Meanwhile, Dalian Wanda Group last year spent $650 million in acquisition of the World's Iron-Man company, the deal is intended to tap China's gradual warming towards sports and fitness. According to the Chinese Athletic Association, last year, China held 134 marathon and road races and, compared with 2014 year on year increase of 160 per cent. As a part of a national campaign to promote healthier lifestyles and, by 2025 China will build more than 900 000 sports venues and gym.