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Hyosung launches new water-resistant fiber


World’s largest spandex brand Hyosung has launched a new fiber to protect fabrics from water damage. As per Texbrasil, known as Creora® highclo, the fiber has been jointly launched by Abit (The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). It is designed for beachwear and fitness products that usually have a shorter life span due to exposure to water and chlorine, sunscreens and tanning oil.

The fiber improves the durability of the swimwear fabric and provides a more lasting fit for the pieces, as it guarantees compression and modeling of the articles made and conservation of the shape. It can also be used to make sportswear. Another feature of the thread is its stretch. It can be stretched up to 500 per cent of its original shape, providing comfort and softness in the fabrics produced in its composition. Its fiber is unbreakable and supports upto 135 degrees of polymers in the dyeing process.

Hyosung is a world-class manufacturer of fibers and products, which has 10 industrial plants located in South Korea, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Brazil, and India. In Brazil, it has been present since 2011, when it installed the industrial plant located in the city of Araquari, in Santa Catarina, with a land of 250 thousand square meters and a built area of 40 thousand square meters.