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IAF, ITMF unite to combat audit and standard fatigue


IAF ITMF unite to combat audit and standard fatigue


In a concerted effort to tackle audit and standard fatigue plaguing the apparel and textile sector, the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) have issued a clarion call to industry stakeholders. Emphasizing the urgency of the matter, they urge stakeholders to prioritize addressing audit fatigue in the wake of escalating demands for responsible purchasing practices.

Key directives outlined by the IAF and ITMF include advocating for the adoption of third-party standard frameworks over proprietary standards and endorsing the Social & Labor Convergence Program's Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) as a promising avenue for streamlining social auditing processes.

Furthermore, the manifesto underscores the need for standard holders to minimize unnecessary discrepancies in standards, enhancing efficiency across the supply chain. The Standard Convergence Initiative (SCI), spearheaded by IAF and ITMF, seeks to align industry initiatives and proprietary tools to alleviate audit burdens on suppliers.

Highlighting recent progress, the manifesto points to the Social & Labor Convergence Program's success in driving converged assessments, with over 7000 facilities worldwide opting for SLCP verified assessments in 2022 alone. Additionally, collaborations with leading schemes and standard holders aim to facilitate data sharing and alignment, further alleviating duplication in verification processes.

The SCI's impassioned plea urges all stakeholders to embrace standardized frameworks and collaborate towards industry-wide compatibility, paving the way for a more efficient and responsible supply chain ecosystem.


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