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Lenzing webinar focuses on sustainable fashion


A webinar organized by Lenzing on July 21, 2021, explained how sustainable fashion is an important commitment for all parties involved in the fashion and textile industry in Indonesia.

Lenzing’s business partners act as representatives to reach local brand owners and consumers. One of them is Luckytex Indonesia, an integrated textile manufacturing company that produces various types of yarn, fabric, and printing for fabrics. Luckytex Indonesia provides a wide selection of materials, printing techniques, to various finishing to be able to provide various choices for brands and consumers. It also has initiatives to make production more circular, reduce and recycle wastewater and constantly innovates to provide more choices of sustainable materials. It is also in the process of replacing its energy sources with renewable sources.

Lenzing introduced Tencel fiber as the initial foundation for building an eco-friendly textile industry. Tencel, which is the main ingredient in yarn and fabric, is made from wood pulp from sustainably managed industrial forests. The natural fiber’s manufacturing process has a closed-loop production concept. This process converts pulp into cellulose fibers by optimizing resources and reprocessing waste into energy for re-production. Because it is made from natural basic ingredients, clothing products containing this fiber are able to decompose back into nature, making it safe for the environment and can reduce pollution.