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Levi's named the most transparent global fashion company

Ethical Movement Fashion Revolution published its inaugural Fashion Transparency Index as part of the launch of the Fashion Revolution Week recently. Developed in conjunction with Ethical Consumer, the research includes 40 of the biggest fashion brands and ranks them according to the level of transparency in their supply chain.

Levi Strauss & Co, with brands Levi’s, Dockers, Signature and Denizen was ranked the most transparent fashion company with a 77 per cent score. It was followed by Inditex (76 per cent), H&M (76 per cent), Adidas (69 per cent) and Primark (67 p0er cent), while the worse rated brands included Chanel (10 per cent), Hermes (17 per cent), Claire’s Accessories (17 per cent) Forever21 (19 per cent), Fendi (19 per cent) and LVMH (19 per cent).

The research also revealed that 40 per cent of companies do not have a system in place to monitor compliance with labour standards and that only 11 companies show evidence of working with trade unions, civil society or NGOs on the ground in supplier countries to improve working conditions.