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Organic clothing becoming popular globally

Worldwide, the organic personal care market will grow at nearly 10 per cent a year to 2019. There has been a 26 per cent growth in clothing products, a 32 per cent increase in home textiles, and a five per cent growth in baby wear. This is a positive time for organic - from cotton to wool and all other textiles. Organic supply chains are also strengthening and the number of Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified facilities increased by four per cent in 2016, the fourth year of growth.

Consumer concerns around pesticide residues are driving interest in organic personal care products, from cotton wool to feminine hygiene and nappies. More and more consumers in the UK are recognising the importance of organic when making purchasing decisions. Overall, the UK organic market is evolving from food into lifestyle and in future there may be greater crossover between people who buy organic food and non-food items, including textiles and health and beauty products.

At the moment, not enough consumers understand the benefits of organic, but when they do, they are willing to pay more. It is essential to come up with one simple definition of organic which can be used across the market. Also, while consumers have a tendency to say one thing, they do another when it comes to making ethical purchasing decisions.