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Pakistan reaffirms ties with Uzbekistan

Pakistan and Uzbekistan are working on increasing bilateral trade and instituting joint ventures between the two countries. Uzbekistan is the biggest and the fastest growing economy in Central Asia, particularly advanced in agriculture and a major cotton producer with a very well developed indigenous production of cotton related machinery. And this also happens to be one of Pakistan’s primary economic sectors.

Pakistan and Uzbekistan have been enjoying cordial bilateral relations since the independence of Uzbekistan in 1991. The two countries are looking at the establishment of joint production facilities. They see significant potential for cooperation in areas such as fertilizers and the agro-chemical industry.

Uzbekistan is interested in investing in renewable energy projects in Pakistan, especially solar energy. The current volume of bilateral trade is $40 million. The countries are looking for enhancing bilateral cooperation in the fields of climate change, agriculture and science and technology.

Pakistan and Uzbekistan share affinities of culture, faith and customs. Pakistani ports offered the shortest land route to Uzbekistan for access to the Arabian Sea and the unique geographical locations of Pakistan and Uzbekistan are mutually advantageous for the two countries. Pakistan wants to build an energy infrastructure corridor to enhance connectivity with the Central Asian states.