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Siyaram’s launches innovative and eco-friendly bamboo fabric


Siyarams launches innovative and eco friendly bamboo fabric


One of India’s top textile brand in men’s fashion for over 40 years Siyaram’s has launched an innovative range of eco-friendly bamboo-based fabric with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador.

Biodegradable, renewable properties

Bamboo is one of the most renewable, biodegradable and fastest-growing resources with great environmental benefits. Moreover it contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Siyaram’s team of experts researched on bamboo to create a fabric for consumers who appreciate inspirational craftsmanship. As Ramesh Poddar, CMD of Siyaram Silk Mills says, “We have always believed in giving back to nature on multiple fronts and initiatives for years. Today, we are extremely proud to successfully integrate our commitment to nature into our products as well. Siyaram’s bamboo fabric is a material that we have created with a lot of passion without compromising on the style quotient, the texture, the feel, the designs and, the range of colors it will be made available in.”

Bamboo fabric stands out because of its numerous properties. Powerfully insulating, it keeps the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Being hypoallergenic it does not cause any allergic reaction. Its highly absorbent as the thermal regulating effects of bamboo fibres absorbs up to 70 per cent more moisture than other fabrics. Its anti bacterial as the natural elements of bamboo keeps bacteria away, which lets one stay odour free and fresh. Sweat wicking as its structure wicks moisture away from the skin letting it evaporate and keeping one dry. The fabric is breathable as the microscopic holes in bamboo fibres allow air to circulate through the fabric’s weave letting the skin breathe easily. Moreover, it gives luxurious softness.

As Bollywood star and style icon Ranveer Singh who is also the brand ambassador for Siyaram’s explains, “The bamboo fabric launched by Siyaram’s is a new benchmark in fabric innovation. It’s one of softest fabrics in the world and it keeps one fresh throughout the day. I am happy to be associated with a brand which has such a great and vast legacy. The bamboo fabric is a game changer. I have been wearing shirts made from this new fabric and I have to say that I’m absolutely loving it!”

Siyaram’s has created a campaign promoting the innovative bamboo fabric featuring Ranveer Singh. Siyaram’s constantly works with some of the most talented craftsmen across the world and is constantly developing products to make the best of the world available to the Indian consumers.


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