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Streetwear brand Natural Cotton Color gets eco label


Natural Cotton Color has received the Friend of the Earth label. Friend of the Earth certifies sustainable agriculture and livestock products.Backed by many years of experience, the organization has also developed certification requirements for sustainable clothing and fashion products. The aim of the label is to stimulate and favor change toward fashion that is more respectful of the environment and workers.

Natural Cotton Color, founded in 1995 as streetwear fashion, has women’s and men’s pieces made of organic cotton and silk, with handcrafted details and several innovations.Another differential of the brand is the use of organic cotton jacquard colored with silk and the use of denim that does not go through the dyeing process, a differentiated fabric that has a patent applied for. The group works exclusively with fashion products made from cotton that is naturally colored. The company also uses flat fabrics made on handlooms.Among the handcrafted techniques, the labyrinth embroidery is applied by artisans directly on the pieces.

Another innovation of the company is the tracking of the fabrics, which allows the consumer to read information such as the location, origin, and production process of the pieces. Natural Cotton Color has already receivedthe international certification of organic product Ecocert.


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