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US denim imports shift in favor of low cost countries

US denim imports overall fell in October 2017, and the market share map continues to shift. Total imports of denim trousers across categories were down 2.51 per cent for the period, putting the market at $2.94 billion in value, with the men’s and boy’s category dipping more than triple the less than 1 per cent decline in women’s and girl’s.

China remains the United States’ largest supplier of denim trousers, though its share continues to slip. The Asian powerhouse commanded 25 per cent of market share across the categories as of October with $738.9 million worth of exports to the US, though that number is down nearly 12 per cent year-over-year.

Mexico ranks the second largest supplier of denim trousers to the US, delivering $666.4 million worth of product a 22.6 per cent share of the market. Bangladesh is currently the third largest supplier of denim trousers to the U.S., and it’s share of the market, which currently stands at 14.1 per cent seems to be continuously on an upswing. The country exported $416 million worth of denim trousers to the U.S. in the year to October.

Rounding off the United States’ top suppliers of denim trousers, in order of import value and market share, are Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Cambodia and Lesotho. The US imported $1.84 billion worth of men’s and boy’s denim trousers in the year to October, accounting for 62 per cent of total denim trouser imports. In men’s category, Mexico was the top supplier, though the $703.9 million worth of products it shipped to the US came in nearly 9 per cent lower than the prior year period. Bangladesh and China followed as the No. 2 and No. 3 suppliers in men’s and boy’s.