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Wiser Tech launches AI-powered devices with Wox


Wiser Tech, which introduced Wiser Wash in 2018, has launched artificial intelligence-powered devices with Wox, the company’s first venture into hardware.

As per Sourcing Journal, Wox is based on the Wiser Wash process, It can wash garments without chemicals or stones and just a small amount of water. The company reports that a pair of jeans washed with traditional methods uses an estimated 60 liters of water, which is nearly halved when using Wiser Wash—and it aims to increase these savings to 92 percent.

Working with advanced technologies, Wiser Tech enhances the technology by delivering 40 percent lower cycle duration and 66 percent higher production capacity, all while yielding improved bleaching results.

Comprised of an ozone drum and an ozone generator, Wox is much more than it appears. Through a secured cloud-based platform, the device collects data on the production process and feeds it to artificial intelligence algorithms. Sensors located at different parts of the system can identify possible abnormalities at all stages of the process, giving it the ability to identify and assess its own needs.

Features include a user-friendly control panel, ergonomic drum, easily accessible filter drawer and a LED progress ring that uses color to represent a different stage of the process. It also allows the user to adjust the amount of oxygen used during the process.