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Gap between India’s focus on cotton and global demand widens: GTRI


Posing a significant threat to India’s apparel sector, the gap between the country's traditional focus on cotton apparel and the global demand for synthetic garments has widened, says a new report by the Global Trade Research Initiative(GTRI).  

As per the report, developed nations are increasingly consuming clothing made from mixed synthetics, while India's exports in this category remain low. This overreliance on cotton has led to India's share in global garment exports falling as the country has been unable to meet the growing demand for synthetic clothing.

India’s focus on cotton also results in lower wages for workers and limited investments in the sector. Many factories across the country operate only half a year due to the lack of demand for synthetic or winter wear, leading to higher operational costs. 

To counter these challenges the GTRI report recommends a shift towards synthetic fabrics, which would enable factories to operate around the year, leading to increased job opportunities and higher wages.

Embracing synthetic fabrics would also allow India to compete more effectively in the international market, says the report.  Further, it recommends adapting to the fast-paced nature of the global fashion industry and strengthening contract enforcement and labor laws.

By embracing these changes and leveraging its strengths, the Indian textile industry can secure a prominent position in the global market for the future, adds the report. 



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