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India’s geo synthetics market set to double

The Indian geo synthetics market will double in the next four years, even though domestic manufacturers are struggling to build awareness about their products. The country’s current focus on upgrading infrastructure and increased importance of environmental issues will be the biggest growth drivers. The main growth will be within infrastructure projects – roads, railways, dams and shore protection.

India has the world’s second largest road network, and 95 per cent of the roads are flexible pavements. These surfaces often use geo synthetics to help stabilise their foundation. The utilisation of cost-effective material such as geo synthetics is important to achieve the desired life of the pavement as well as to facilitate their faster construction.

Almost every type of geo synthetic is manufactured in India or is readily available through imports. Geo grids and high-strength geo textiles for construction on soft soil are popular products in India. Since there are heavy rains in some parts of India, the use of drainage geo-composite would be very beneficial.

The secluded and rainy Northeastern region is an ideal place for extensive use of geo synthetics due to frequent landslides, seepage problems, poor quality of construction material and high seismic activity.

However the popularity of geo synthetics in India is hindered by a lack of specified standard of products suitable for Indian soil and weather conditions.