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Invista unveils insulating fabric

Invista the leading integrated producer of polymers and fibers, has launched two new Thermolite brand technologies. Both products are said to offer a high level of performance that may change the way people think about what jeans to wear in colder conditions.

These technologies provide a higher level of warmth and insulation than traditional denim fabrics.

Thermolite Infrared and Thermolite Dual Layer technologies can be used independently or in tandem for enhanced warming and insulating properties.

Denim fabrics made with Thermolite Infrared technology increase their temperature when exposed to solar or artificial light. Special ceramic pigments are added to the fiber that transfer the energy of infrared rays into the heat the body can feel.

For example, after three minutes under infrared light, surface temperatures of fabrics with infrared yarns increase two to four degrees, depending on the content of the infrared yarn in the fabric.

The patented Thermolite Dual Layer technology structure also creates open spaces within the fabric, trapping air to help keep the wearer warm. The technology is also engineered to enable faster drying next to the skin, helping the wearer stay warm and dry.

Along with the new technologies, Invista is launching new imagery, hangtags and a new website.