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Italian Pink Ball of Wool supports breast cancer

With the aim of creating breast cancer awareness, Gomitolo Rosa initiated the Pink Ball of Wool project. Running since October 2012, the project aims to be the most effective tool of communication and fund raising association operating in the world of oncology. The Pink Ball of Wool began in Biella valleys where excess production had become a problem and the wool ended getting destroyed. Today, the knitted wool produced in Italy on behalf of farmers has become an important tool to help women and environment. The project supports women’s organizations that work for breast cancer in Italy and in Europe, making use of wool that is not absorbed by the market and contributing to a better balance of the environment.

Pink Ball is an initiative which aims to support this essential component of the fight against breast cancer, and its name derives from the material chosen to achieve this support, the wool. Its theme is ‘Knit a wool, warm life’.  

A group of Italian donors has given resources to buy a significant quantities of wool, which would have been burned because of lack of demand from the market. Nearly 70,000 pink balls of wool have been prepared by factories in Biella (Northern Italy) with years of expertise in wool production. These are now available and come in boxes of 200 at a cost of three euros each. No advanced payment is required. The association can sell them at five 5 euros each or more and keep all the profits for itself.