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APTMA urges govt. to do away with 4 pc import duty on raw cotton

As the local crop is estimated to be not more than 11.25 million bales this year, the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) of the Sindh-Balochistan Zone has appealed to the National Government to remove 4 per cent import duty on raw cotton whereas the requirement of Pakistan’s industry is not less than 14.5 million bales at the moment.

APTMA-SB Zone also mentioned that a removal of import duty was also demanded two months ago against which the relevant Ministry had said that it was too early to remove this duty and the government wanted to wait till the major portion of the local crop was sold and of the hands of the farmers. As it stands today, the situation is that 80 to 82 per cent of the crop has been absorbed by the textile industry. Therefore, the objective as stated by the ministry has been achieved. APTMA Sind Baluchistan also said that it is misleading to state that the Ginners and TCPs have sufficient stock of cotton lint to fulfill the needs of the industry.

Since it is clear that the local crop is short of the requirements of the industry, it is necessary that timely action may be taken so that the exports of the country do not suffer any further. It is not possible for the Pakistan Textile Industry to bear the additional burden of 4 percent import duty and compete in the export market against countries which have a lower cost of raw cotton due to local availability without import incidentals.