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Bangladesh manufacturer Noman invests in new Coolmax unit

Bangladesh manufacturers Noman makes a specialised fabric called Coolmax. The fabric transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while the fiber structures provide insulation on colder days. The fabric, which is derived from petro-chemicals, is mainly used to manufacture active sportswear items for export markets.

Now Noman is investing in a plant to manufacture the Coolmax fabric. Noman has set a target of manufacturing 120 tons of yarn a day from the proposed plant and exporting 100 million dollars worth of products a year. Noman has 36 industrial units in operation now. Currently, the group employs 80,000 workers and the number will cross a lakh when the proposed plant goes into production.

As a part of expansion plans, the group will also produce cloths for women’s veils for the local markets and for the Middle East markets in the near future. Among specialised clothing items, the group exports mosquito nets to India and Nepal.

The group’s main export item is bedsheets and other home textile items like curtains, floor mats, napkins and quilt covers. Apart from western markets, the group also has a steady business in Asian markets like Japan and China.