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“China not into recession, but growth trajectory tapering off”, says regional director, Holland & Sherry


In a recent interview with Joshua Lane, Regional Director - Asia at Holland & Sherry, crucial insights into the Asian textile industry emerged. This conversation provides a unique perspective on how the textile sector has been navigating the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent changes in market dynamics. The interview also touched on the company's global performance, with Lane highlighting that despite COVID disruptions, they had been experiencing consistent growth over the past seven years.

Lane mentioned about his return to Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics post-COVID, emphasizing the collective sentiment of reconnecting with the sector. He talked about Holland & Sherry's history of participation in such exhibitions and the recognition they received, including a lifetime achievement award. The event, Lane acknowledged provided a valuable opportunity to assess market conditions, observe competitors, and gauge the recovery of the Chinese economy in the textile sector.

Lane shared his perspective on the evolving dynamics of the textile industry in Asia, particularly in China. Lane explained that while 2020 was initially challenging due to the pandemic, China's quick recovery helped stabilize the situation. The subsequent years, 2021 and 2022, witnessed shifts in global textile trends, with China facing challenges as other regions saw resurgences in demand. Importantly, he mentioned the concept of "revenge spending" in 2020, characterized by pent-up consumer demand, which ultimately proved unsustainable.

Lane highlighted that 2023 has been marked by a more subdued global textile market, with China experiencing a similar slowdown. Despite this, he stressed that China's textile industry had not entered a recession but was gradually tapering off its growth trajectory. He emphasized that, for the textile sector, the trend was still upward, with a growing demand for custom-made clothing from reputable European brands.

Lane expressed optimism regarding Holland & Sherry's position in the Chinese market, pointing out that they had not fully explored its potential. He mentioned new partnerships and strategies, indicating the company's commitment to growth in China. He concluded by reflecting on the resilience of Holland & Sherry as a 187-year-old brand, is committed to producing top-quality fabrics has made it a prominent name in the industry. Holland & Sherry has a global presence, serving various markets and partnering with distributors to reach a diverse clientele. Lane emphasized the importance of brand equity and their commitment to maintaining a strong presence in the market.



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