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Chinese garment industry launches a new event LINKINGplus


Chinese apparel manufacturers are getting together to put up a brand new event for the fashion industry. The 30-year-old industry is now entering a new phase and now is the time the industry needs international resources to beef up. LINKINGplus, the new event planned is being jointly organized by China National Garment Association, the Sub-Council of Textile Industry. CCPIT, and China Fashion Association. The maiden event will take place from November 22-23, 2016 in Xiamen, a coastal city in South China.



Chen Dapeng, Executive Vice President, China National Garment Association “we have been thinking of this idea since the last few years. By way of the event, we hope to get together resources in terms of designers, studios, some good manufacturer new products or services. We want such exclusive resource should be available to Chinese manufacturers. “At the networking event, we are looking at around 100-150 such resources and companies. A space of around 2000 sq meter has been targeted; Taiwan has already confirmed a pavilion."

Connecting fashion industry across the value chain

The event will have four parts, namely B2B Space, PromoShow, Forum and Business Tour. B2B Space is the major part of the event. The organizers will invite international companies and organizations from upstream and downstream of the apparel industrial chain. The other three supporting events are designed to foster further communication and cooperation in diversified ways.

The event promises more than writing orders and finding agencies and franchisers. There are more possibilities like brand cooperation, operation management, and design collaboration.

One of the most attractive parts of LINKINGplus is pre-set match-making meetings which will guarantee the best efficient outcome for each participant. Based on the detailed questionnaires and feedback, event organizers will offer a list of companies for each overseas participant to B2B Space to make it time-efficient.

International brands will touch base with the Chinese apparel companies including manufacturers, designers, creative talents, brands, new materials, and fashion education. This will also be a platform for more established foreign companies who are seeking opportunities in China. However, due to asymmetric Information, many of them have not found the right access.

As the leading national organizations of the apparel and fashion industry in China, CNGA, CCPIT TEX and CFA, are some of the leading national organizations trying to build this platform. Many companies have already showed great interest in participation. One hopes over a period of time, LINKINGplus becomes an important platform for international players wanting to enter the Chinese market. After the maiden event in November, LINKINGplus will be held once a year in the most dynamic apparel industry clusters in China with various activities to foster communication and cooperation between China's apparel companies and their counterparts worldwide. In this event, B2B Space is the major part of LlNKINGplus. The organizers will invite 100-150 overseas companies and organizations that could meet the demand of China's apparel industry in its development to from this event and meet with Chinese apparel companies, brands, investors or local officials representing Industry clusters on a pre-set schedule offered by the event.

B2B Space is the major event at LINKINGplus. This will have five sections: Creative ODM, Brands Cooperation,New Materials,Design and Consulting and Education. Here Chinese garment companies, brands can be met with on a pre-set schedule offered by the organizers based on your feedback to a detailed questionnaire. PromoShow (22 All Day Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel) PromoShow as an additional way to introduce one self besides taking part in the B2B Space. This allows the company to show their advantages to a larger audience in a shorter time. Forum is another supporting event of LINKINGplus Under the theme of ‘Fusion - new opportunities and modes of international cooperation for the apparel Industry’, the half-day forum will give its stage to industry experts and corporate leaders to exchange and share ideas and experience in form of presentations and dialogues on topics like education, creative design collaboration, evolution in production driven by consumption and application scenarios of new materials and new technologies. Two one--day Business Tour options will be offered to the overseas applicants on the next day.