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Consider products’ end of working life, urges Project Plan B


With its motto of protecting others and the planet, Plymouth-based Project Plan B is urging designers and product developers to think about products’ end of working life. The organization has launched first fully recyclable face mask, made from recycled plastic currently being marketed by 1TCA.

The organization believes industry has the potential to reduce their impact on the environment. It aims to be the catalyst for positive change in the textile industry and hopes other companies to provide 100 per cent recycled ranges. Project Plan B began its journey by providing a manufacturing solution to less flexible, larger corporations by pulling together resources and expertise from across the globe. However, it quickly realized this was not going to be enough if the garment just ended up in landfill after use.

Therefore, the project began to address not only the use of non-renewable resources in producing fabric, but elongated its garments’ life by making them from 100 per cent recycled materials. Each of these garments are designed to 100 percent recycled.


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