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Crocs launches new bio-based version of Croslite material


Broomfield, Colorado-based footwear company Crocs has launched a new bio-based version of its proprietary Croslite foam material, set to hit shelves around the world in early 2022.

Developed in collaboration with global materials science company Dow, the new bio-based Croslite is made from sustainably sourced waste and byproducts, transformed using Ecolibrium Technology. Crocs is the first footwear brand to go-to-market with this technology, which, it claims, offers “all the comfort you expect from Crocs, but with far less carbon.

The material will be incorporated into existing Crocs designs, including its now iconic classic clog, as part of efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of each pair of Crocs shoes by 50 per cent. According to the company, its decision to use the new material in its existing products, rather than create a separate sustainable line, will result in faster progress in its efforts to lower emissions.

In July, Crocs announced its intentions to become a net zero emissions brand by 2030 and the company also has plans to become 100 per cent vegan before the end of 2021. In addition, the company said that it is currently exploring sustainable alternatives for its packaging, as well as ways of extending the lifespan of its clogs through initiatives such as consumer-led donations, recycling and re-commerce programs. Crocs is also in the process of transitioning to renewably sourced energy in its offices and distribution centers.