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Denim gets sporty with athileisure lines

The growth in athleisure is not only influencing the luxury goods industry but also the jeans category. Yoga and jogging bottoms have gained appeal. The jeans industry is now looking at ways at turning the athleisure trend into its own opportunity, as brands design denim for men and women with new stretch fibers and fabrics with more effective sweat management to make them feel like jogging bottoms.

The global jeans market has seen a slow growth over the last few years. The new innovations in more comfortable textures have helped jeans see a global increase of almost four per cent in 2016.

Though performance sportswear takes the lead in terms of market size, growth in sports-inspired clothing, or athleisure, is being witnessed in emerging markets such as India and Thailand as well as core markets such as the US.

Athleisure has evolved from what brands dabbled in with capsule collections to a full-fledged business opportunity. With a wider selection and greater availability, sports-inspired products are gaining in popularity among a consumer base that seeks to incorporate sports-styled designs into their everyday wardrobe. Both sports-inspired footwear and apparel are growing at a rapid pace, registering ten per cent and six per cent growth in 2016.