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Diesel Denim Goes Beyond: New documentary series aims to make sustainability sexy


Diesel Denim Goes Beyond New documentary series aims to make sustainability sexy

Diesel is revamping its image of sustainability with a five-part documentary series titled ‘Behind the Denim’. The fashion brand, known for its bold and irreverent style, recognizes that conversations about sustainability can often feel bland. Their solution: a fun and informative approach that stays true to Diesel's DNA.

"We wanted to say something in Diesel style, still rigorous but avoid being tedious," explains Andrea Rosso, Diesel's sustainability ambassador and son of the brand's founder Renzo Rosso. Each episode of ‘Behind the Denim’ dives into a different aspect of Diesel's denim production process, following the journey from cotton fields to factory floors and ultimately, to customer closets. The focus: highlighting Diesel's commitment to creating lower-impact denim.

An indepth look with a light touch

Hosted by Lea Ogunlami of I-D magazine, each episode tackles a core principle of Diesel's denim production. With titles like ‘All Aboard and ‘Waste to Treasure’, the series promises a comprehensive look without shying away from tough questions. Ogunlami will ask about the true meaning of ‘circularity’ in fashion and explore Diesel's use of recycled materials in its ‘Rehab Denim’ line.

The lighthearted and informative approach extends to interviews with key figures at Diesel. Glenn Martens, Andrea Rosso (Diesel's sustainability ambassador and son of the founder), and Sara Betteghella (OTB Group chief sustainability officer) all feature in the series.

Transparency and a commitment to progress

Diesel is aware that sustainability requires constant effort. The brand acknowledges it's not perfect and is still working on areas like complete supply chain certification, a notoriously complex and expensive endeavor.

However, Diesel is taking concrete steps. They've joined initiatives like the Aura Blockchain Consortium and the Fashion Pact to promote transparency and responsible practices across the fashion industry. They've also significantly reduced water and chemical use in their denim production processes.

Sustainability as a journey, not a destination

Diesel emphasizes sustainability is a journey, not a destination. The brand highlights its use of organic and recycled cotton, reaching 50 per cent of its denim collection made with these lower-impact materials. They are committed to finding new, innovative solutions while acknowledging the need for balance with creativity in fashion design.

‘Behind the Denim’ launched on Diesel's social media channels and online platform in April 2024. New episodes will be released monthly until November, with a break in July and August. This fresh take on sustainability education has Diesel hoping to raise awareness and inspire positive change within the fashion industry.


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