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Eastman launches Naia Renew ES staple fibers at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics -Spring


Showcasing its dedication to sustainability, Eastman unveiled the Naia Renew ES staple fibers at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Spring exhibition in March. This innovative fiber marks Eastman’s latest contribution to sustainable textiles.

The man-made cellulosic fiber is available with 60 per cent certified recycled content on a large scale, says Carolina Sister Cohn, Head-Global Marketing, Eastman Textiles. The company aims to collaborate with sustainability-driven fashion brands to foster significant changes within the industry, she adds. 

Eastman's exhibit featured over 400 fabric and garment types made with Naia Renew staple fibers, highlighting the incorporation of recycled waste material through Eastman’s molecular recycling. The diverse garments displayed the adaptability of sustainable textiles made with Naia and underscored Eastman's extensive influence on the fashion sector.

Students from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology contributed to the exhibition by designing garments with Naia fabrics, emphasising the importance of inspiring the next generation towards sustainable fashion and promoting innovation and environmental responsibility.

Naia Renew ES is made from 60 per cent recycled* waste and 40 per cent sustainably sourced wood pulp, certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This innovative process not only reduces the reliance on virgin materials but also tackles the pressing issues of waste and environmental degradation.

Eastman's molecular recycling technology is pivotal in this process, transforming hard-to-recycle mixed waste into new materials that match the quality of nonrecycled counterparts. Naia Renew earned GRS certification in December 2023, reaffirming Eastman's commitment to sustainable practices and their environmental and social responsibilities.



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