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Edited empowers students with Retail Intelligence Program


Edited has unveiled its Education Partner Program, aiming to integrate its Retail Intelligence Platform into educational curriculums worldwide. 

This initiative empowers students and educators by providing access to real-world retail data, fostering practical skills for the dynamic fashion industry.

Sheng Lu, Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Delaware's Fashion and Apparel Studies program, lauds the partnership, highlighting how Edited transforms learning experiences. 

By leveraging Edited's analytics tool, students gain insights into industry trends and business strategies, honing their analytical prowess.

CMO Shellie Vornhagen underscores the program's significance, emphasizing Edited's commitment to nurturing future retailers. 

Through collaborations with educational institutions, Edited seeks to equip students with essential skills for thriving in retail and fashion careers, bridging the gap between academia and industry.



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