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EURATEX Decries EP Report's Sustainability-Competitiveness Imbalance

EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, has expressed concerns about the European Parliament's report on the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. While EURATEX supports the EU Textile Strategy, it argues that the report fails to adequately address the industry's economic challenges and lacks a balanced approach to sustainability and competitiveness.

EURATEX acknowledges the report's focus on investing in research, and innovation, and supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, it argues that the report overlooks the strategic role of the European textile industry in advancing sustainability and the global competitive threats faced by local companies.

EURATEX emphasizes the necessity of a new regulatory framework with clear definitions, coherent rules, and effective controls. It also underscores the importance of considering different textile categories, distinguishing between fashion and technical textiles, as well as discerning between high-quality European products and low-quality alternatives.

Furthermore, EURATEX highlights the need to address consumer behavior and foster a stronger demand for sustainable textiles through improved communication, transparency, fiscal measures, green public procurement, and enhanced oversight of online marketplaces.

EURATEX calls upon the European Parliament to develop a balanced vision that reconciles sustainability and competitiveness while promoting dialogue among industry stakeholders, brands, and consumers.



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