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Fast fashion leaves no time to think

The growing issue of ethical fashion has thrown a spotlight on the sustainability of fast fashion and in turn guided the fashion industry down a road toward a more sustainable fiber use. Fast fashion is a term coined to the quick turnaround times between runway, manufacture and retail which can be as short as ten days.

Fifty years ago designers used to do two collections a year, spring/summer, autumn/winter. The average fashion designer now creates anything between 18 to 25 collections a year.

The top end of fashion’s pyramid had also responded to the rise of fast fashion by emulating a similar model with collections, pre-collections and pre-pre-collections.

In the 1960s, households in Australia spent on an average 20 per cent of the family income on clothing. Currently people spend on an average less than four per cent but are purchasing 60 per cent more clothes.

The speed culture of fast fashion means far too many clothes are being produced. The industry now from concept to delivery into retail store churns out ideas in less than ten days – there is no time for reflection and review.

Designers today need to understand how to respect quality – true manufacture. Designers need to think about the way they design.