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Gildan invests in yarn spinning

Gildan Yarns, based in the US, is investing in a new yarn spinning facility.

This will be the company’s seventh yarn spinning facility in the US. Gildan Yarns is the yarn spinning division of Gildan, a leading apparel manufacturer headquartered in Canada.

Gildan makes most of its garments offshore, with close to 90 per cent of its 42,000 employees in low-cost Caribbean and Central American countries. It has yarn spinning and distribution centers in cheaper parts of the United States, including North Carolina and Georgia. This new location will be the company’s fifth state-of-the-art yarn spinning mill in North Carolina. Eden is also home to Gildan’s first large scale distribution center. North Carolina has more textile manufacturers than any other state and a world-class pipeline of textile talent to continue Gildan’s global operations.

Gildan has partnered with Sans Soucie. The partnership is part of Gildan’s mission to save fabric waste from landfills—89 per cent of which is already upcycled into other products. Gildan’s new partnership follows its recent environmental commitments. Vancouver-based Sans Soucie Textile and Design is a zero-waste clothing and textile design studio that transforms off cuts from nylon for hosiery into new handmade materials for garment production.


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