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Global export of all types of textile machines grew in 2021: ITMF report


Global export of all types of textile machines grew in 2021 ITMF report

International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) has released its 44th annual International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics (ITMSS) report. The findings show, global exports of spinning, texturing, weaving, knitting, and finishing machines increased sharply in 2021 compared to 2020.

Export of new short-staple spindles, open-end rotors and long-stale spindles surged 110 per cent, 65 per cent and 44 per cent respectively. Shipments of draw-texturing spindles grew 177 per cent while exports of shuttle-less looms increased 32 per cent. Export of large circular machines increased 30 per cent while flat knitting machines grew 109 per cent. Total exports of finishing machines surged 52 per cent on average. Compiled in collaboration with 200 textile machinery manufacturers, the 2021 survey is an apt representation of the world’s textile machinery production.

Short-staple spindles dominate spinning machinery exports

In spinning machinery, export of short-staple spindles dominated with shipments increasing by 4 million units to 7.61 million units in 2021. Of this, 90 per cent were exported to Asia and Oceanic countries, with exports increased by 115 per cent to these regions.

Second highest exported spinning machines were open-end rotors whose shipments increased 273,000 to 695,000 in 2021. Turkey and Pakistan led this segment with imports increasing by 56 and 47 per cent, respectively. On the other hand, imports by Uzbekistan declined 14 per cent to 12,600 units in 2021. Exports of long-staple (wool) spindles increased 44 per cent from about 22,000 units in 2020 to nearly 31,600 units. Around 68 per cent were imported by Iran, Italy and Turkey in 2021.

Single-heater draw-texturing spindles shipments rise

Export of single heater draw-texturing spindles increased 365 per cent from 16,000 units in 2020 to 75,000 in 2021. Chinese Taipei and Turkey were the biggest importers of these machines with 90 per cent an import share which. Global shipment of double heater draw-texturing spindles increased 167 per cent to 870,000 units. Most of exports were directed to Asia, with China accounting for 95 per cent of global shipments.

Shuttle-less looms top global weaving machine shipments

Worldwide shipments of weaving machines were dominated by shuttle-less looms, with exports increasing 32 per cent to 148,000 units. Exports of air-jet, rapier and projectile and water-jet weaving machines surged 56 per cent to nearly 45,776 units, 24 per cent to 26,897 and 23 per cent to 75,797 units, respectively. Asia and Oceania cumulatively imported 94 per cent, 84 per cent, 98 per cent of global air-jet, rapier/projectile, and water-jet looms. China emerged the major importer.

Electronic flat knitting machines exports grows 109%

Global exports of large circular knitting machines grew 29 per cent to 39,129 units. China emerged the largest importer followed by Turkey and India. In 2021, electronic flat knitting machines exports increased 109 per cent to around 95,000.

Relax dryers and tumblers lead finishing machinery exports

Exports of relax dryers and tumblers dominated fabrics continuous segment with shipments increasing 183 per cent. Exports of all other types of finishing machines surged in the range 33 to 88 per cent. Only exports of dyeing machines declined 16 per cent for CPB and -85 per cent for hotflue.


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