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Global Fashion Agenda unveils 2023 GFA Monitor at COP28

Global Fashion Agenda unveils


In a significant move during COP28, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) has launched the 2023 edition of The GFA Monitor, a comprehensive guide for fashion leaders steering towards a net-positive industry. The report integrates insights from over 25 industry organizations, presenting a unified approach to sustainable practices.

Data-Driven insights

For the first time, the report incorporates insights from the Fashion Industry Target Consultation (FITC), drawing data from 900 participants across 90 countries. This inclusion provides a nuanced understanding of the industry's current status and challenges.

Sustainability framework

Aligned with the Fashion CEO Agenda, The GFA Monitor centers on five sustainability priorities: Respectful and Secure Work Environments, Better Wage Systems, Circular Systems, Resource Stewardship, and Smart Materials Choices. It acts as a practical tool offering clear actions and proven best practices.

Industry alignment and ambitions

The FITC reveals positive sentiments from participants regarding industry alignment on 27 proposed action areas. However, the report highlights the need for measured action and positive impact. It illuminates the industry's ambitions per priority, identifying areas requiring more aligned action.

Addressing global climate targets

With the 2030 deadline for UN Sustainable Development Goals approaching, The GFA Monitor emphasizes the urgency to peak greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. Despite commitments made in Paris eight years ago, the current temperature projections exceed expectations. COP28 serves as a critical moment for the fashion sector to assess progress and accelerate actions.

GFA's role at COP28

GFA, in alliance with UN Climate Change, will host a dedicated session at COP28, ensuring the fashion sector contributes to crucial climate discussions. The Global Fashion Agenda Assembly on December 5 will reflect on progress, financing best practices, and guide policymakers towards a net-positive future.

Quotes from industry leaders

Federica Marchionni, CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, emphasizes the power of alliances to accelerate sustainability measures. Scott Raskin, CEO of Worldly, GFA's data partner, highlights the need for primary supply chain data to address climate change.

Towards annual industry accountability

Building on previous editions, GFA envisions The GFA Monitor as an annual gauge of the fashion industry's progress, fostering accountability, presenting insights, and identifying critical actions. The report welcomes collaboration with other industry organizations.

Impact partners' perspectives

Leaders from Apparel Impact Institute, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Fair Labor Association, Social & Labor Convergence Program, and Textile Exchange express their commitment to collective efforts for a positive impact on people and the planet.

In a world grappling with crises, The GFA Monitor stands as a beacon, providing a roadmap for the fashion industry towards a sustainable and net-positive future.



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