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GTE 2018 yet again delivered a winning performance

The Garment Technology Expo (GTE) 2018, held from January 19-22 at NSIC Complex, New Delhi, concluded on an optimistic note for both visitors and technology suppliers who displayed latest innovations. Subcontinent’s largest show for apparel technology had an unparalleled representation from all segments of the sector, with over 350 exhibitors representing over 800 companies and brands from over 22 countries and a big number of 21,736 visitors, made the 26th edition of the GTE a huge success. New country additions this time were Sweden and Switzerland as exhibitors.

GTE 2018 yet again delivered


• Subcontinent’s largest show had over 350 exhibitors representing over 800 companies and brands from    over 22 countries

• Sweden and Switzerland exhibited as the new countries in GTE

• A big number of 21,736 buyers visited the show, making the 26th edition of the GTE a huge success.

• Automation was the key theme

• ‘Apparel 4.0’ conference on Day 2, highlighted how Apparel 4.0 is shaping and transforming the global      fashion and apparel business.

• GTE next events announced in Bangaluru on August 18-20, 2018, and next grand annual event GTE’ 2019 in New Delhi being held on Feb 22-25, 2019

Showcasing latest technologies and innovations

The key attraction at the fair was technology, the display of machine-to-machine communication systems powered by several tech companies like Juki, Jack, Hikari, Dürkopp Adler and Brother. “As the industry is still on oxygen, the only way to survive is to adopt automation as much as possible so that we can reduce workforce and minimise cost,” observed GS Madan who explored automation in all segments from cutting to stitching and finishing.

Digital printing was showcased by India-based ColorJet, which presented digital printer TXF at the fair. The printer offers speed of up to 24 sqm per hour and can achieve print resolutions of up to 1,440 DPI. The company has ambitious plans in place to expand in apparel manufacturing hubs like Bangladesh and Vietnam. And as Smarth Bansal, Brand Manager, Colorjet points explained, “India is already our stronghold and now we are looking to capitalise on the lucrative opportunities in other emerging countries. We are looking to collaborate with local partners, especially in Vietnam.”

GTE 2018 yet again

Knowledge sharing at Apparel 4.0 seminar

The 26th Garment Technology Expo (GTE) 2018 presented a new set of opportunities to visitors and exhibitors on Day-2. The major highlight was the ‘Apparel 4.0’ conference. This was the first-ever conference that took place at the garment technology exhibition, held at NSIC Complex, New Delhi. The day-long conference organised by FashionatingWorld, aimed at educating the industry on how Apparel 4.0 is shaping and transforming the global fashion and apparel business. The discussions got a tremendous response and appreciation from industry stakeholders. Global experts and Indian stakeholders spoke about the growing importance of ‘Industry 4.0’ concept and the implementation challenges to Indian apparel industry. The list of speakers included stalwarts Mike Fralix, President & CEO, [TC]2; Dietrich Eickhoff, CEO & Chairman, Dürkopp Adler; Samath Fernando, CIO, Hirdaramani Group of Companies, Sri Lanka, Prabir Jana, NIFT Delhi and Dr Darlie Koshy DG, ATDC among others. The experts highlighted the role and perspectives of both technology providers and users from the point of view of ‘Industry 4.0’.

Also on the agenda was a panel discussion with industry leaders moderated by Rajesh Bheda of RBC and session chaired by Dr Darlie Koshy, DG ATDC. The panel included JD Giri of Shahi Exports, RC Kesar of OGTC; Gunish Jain of Royal Datamatics and Vinod Iyer of Fortuna Colours. Kesar pointed out, “Indian manufacturers appreciate technology but wait for the right time to implement it. If we keep on waiting for the ‘right time’, the time will never come when we are (actually) ready for Industry 4.0.”

Exhibitors satisfied with the response

Umesh Gaur, President (Asia), Tukatech observed, “The fair has been good overall. We are associated with GTE from the very beginning. The response was to the mark. It’s been a win-win situation for us.” Talking about India’s advantage, he said, “India holds the upper hand in many areas if explored well. Indian products are still considered the best in terms of quality, though we don’t produce in quantity like neighbouring countries. We are offering a verity of fabrics and handmade designs.”

Juki India displayed many advance machines this time. R Gopal Kukreti, GM, Juki India, said, “Many machines have been showcased for the first time in India. They are equipped with NTSC technology with direct drives and are connected with cloud. We have launched a machine, which can make 10-12 cuffs and collars in one go. We are mainly into non-apparel and knitwear industry.”

Speaking about changing customer profiles, Macpi India’s Mohanti Basanta Kumar, Director (sales), explains, “We have launched finishers for jackets, considering the demand is very high for casual jackets in the current market trends. The finisher deals with all kind of fabrics. The only condition is that the jackets should be casual. The market is good, not only for our company but the industry as a whole and this trend is here to stay for the next five years. A lot of business is coming in and we hope for the best in future. Personally, this is going to be 20th GTE for me. We have been seeing a change in the manner client deals with us in the fair. Earlier, they would come and strike deals in the exhibition for good amount of discounts, but now clients prefer to come directly to our office and deal with us in the hope that they would be able to make a better bargain over there.”

Overall GTE 2018, generated good business for both exhibitors and customers who came looking to upgrade their technology. GTE is looking forward to further adding successful chapters to their credits in Bangaluru on August 18-20 as well as their next grand annual event GTE’ 2019 in New Delhi being held on Feb 22-25, 2019