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Hikari Sewing Machines: Arguably one of the most promising brands in its competitive space

Hikari Sewing Machines Arguably one of the most promising brands in its competitiveA sewing machine brand, Hikari has recorded great achievements in new technologies and automation. Two of its products have been widely imitated by other companies in the industry. The brand is favored by global customers as one of the most promising brands in the world. M Srinivasan,India Head, elaborates on its operations in India.

Hikari makes specially pressurized machines in India. This helps the brand to increase its efficiency by around 30 percent. All its machines are equipped a smart system that reduces manpower and human errors. “We also provide immediate after sales service,” says M Srinivasan, India Head of the brand.

Hikari has an office in Tirupur - a knitwear hub with 5,000 factories. In a year, the company buys one lakh knitting machines for producing undergarments and T-shirts.. “We have clients in New Delhi and Bengaluru too like Shahi Exports and Orient Craft etc. In Kolkata we have biggies like Lux, Rupa & Co. and Amul etc. By 2022 we hope to cover the whole of India,” says Srinivasan.

Even though garment manufacturers are not expanding their business in China, yet they have not really lost business in that country and are holding out. In India too, Hikari’s business is growing as even unskilled operators can easily run its user’s friendly machines emphasizes Indian head, HIKARI. He optimistically avers that Government subsidies will ensure greater access to these domestic garment makers and shall help boost the industry growth outlook and near term prospects.


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