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India’ yarn exports increase mere 1 per cent in October


India’s yarn exports increased a meager 1 per cent to $289 million in October 2020 from the corresponding period last year. Bangladesh was the largest importer of spun yarns with 11 per cent increase in value of imports, followed by China. These two markets accounted for about 35 per cent of total yarn shipment during the month. Export of cotton yarns however, declined to $238 million. Yarns were shipped to 78 countries at an average price of $2.72 a kg. Bangladesh was the top cotton yarn market, followed by China, Peru, Portugal and Vietnam.

Export of 100 per cent man-made fibers reached 7.49 million kg. These mainly included export of 3.23 million kg of polyester yarn, 2.07 million kg of viscose yarn and 1.76 million kg of acrylic yarn. The export of polyester yarn was worth $6.6 million. The US was the largest market followed by Brazil and Turkey. Export of viscose spun yarns reached $6.39 million. These were exported at an average unit price of $3.08 a kg. Bangladesh was the largest importer of viscose yarn, followed by Turkey and Iran.

Blended spun yarns worth $33 million were exported in October, including 10.2 million kg of PC yarns and 2.3 million kg of PV yarns. Peru was the largest importers of PC yarn from India followed by Peru while Turkey was the largest importer of PV yarns from India followed distantly by Brazil. Overall, the export of basic textiles comprising fibers, spun and filament yarns increased by 22 per cent YoY to $575 million. It accounted for about 2.3 per cent of total merchandise exported from India during the month.