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Industrial park opens in Bangladesh

An industrial estate is coming up in the Rajshahi region of Bangladesh. It will create job opportunities for around 5,000 people and backward linkages. A huge garment factory is coming up on the estate. The hundred per cent export-oriented sweater factory is expected to go into operation by the beginning of next year. At the preliminary stage, around 20,000 sweaters will be manufactured every day. In phases, the daily production capacity will be enhanced to a million pieces.

The industrially backward and hitherto neglected Rajshahi area is aiming at eradicating its unemployment problems. Big companies have invested in the estate. The sick and laid off industries are being replaced with new viable enterprises. Moreover, 190 industrial units out of a total of 200 plots are making a profit through their successful operation and ten other units are waiting to go for production in the near future.

The industrial estate, established in 1961 on 95.71 acres of land, has been provided electricity, water supply, security, road and drainage facilities to help entrepreneurs run their business.

Entrepreneurs have shown keen interest in reviving sick industries. They want a business friendly policy, secure and continuous gas connections for industrial units and bank loans at low interest rates.