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Japan’s textile and apparel exports decline 1 per cent in 2019

Japan Textiles Exporters Association trade figures reveal the nation’s exports of textiles and apparel in 2019 decreased 1 per cent year-on-year to $7,742.66 million. Exports to Vietnam increased by 5 per cent to $1,053.32 million.

Exports of textile fibers decreased by 1 per cent to $827.34 million, while those of rayon staple fiber grew by 16 per cent to $73.23 million. Similarly, exports of polyester staple fiber declined by 3 per cent to $38.82 million, along with those of acrylic staple fiber also by the same 3 per cent to $534.29 million.

Yarn exports decreased by 8 per cent to $956.06 million with exports decreasing for rayon filament yarns, nylon filament yarns and polyester filament yarns. Exports of nylon filament yarns dropped 25 per cent to $178.96 million. Exports of woven and knitted fabrics remained about the same as the previous year at $2,811.27 million, and those of coated fabric decreased by 4 per cent to $458.54 million. Fabric exports increased for nylon filament fabrics, polyester filament fabrics and spun synthetic wovens, but decreased for cotton fabrics. Exports of nonwoven fabrics remained firm, while exports of apparel grew by 9 per cent to $536.97 million.


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