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Karl Mayer adds new dimensions to its fabrics

Karl Mayer added a new dimension to the third dimension of warp-knitted spacertextiles in the shape of new types of fabrics with a wide range of surface designs. These innovative articles are known as 4D-Knit. Their relief-like designs on both sides are rather unconventional, extravagant and diverse for warp-knitted fabrics, and are enabling the company’s customers to expand their business areas.

High/low effects make all the difference

Conventional warp-knitted spacer textiles are made from two cover faces with a pile layermade from monofilament yarns between them. The two sides of the fabric can be patterned –if the double-bar raschel machine used is equipped with a jacquard mechanism – and thedistance between them is constant and uniform. Differences in height can only be producedbetween one fabric and another. On the other hand, different fabric heights can be producedover the entire surface when producing 4D-Knit textiles, and the differences in height canbe used to create the patterns.

Three-dimensional patterns and openwork designs

The special look of 4D-KNIT textiles is based on 3D motifs, whose shape, height and locationcan all be varied. The relief-like, permanently stable elements can be combined to producecreative designs. Extensive processing trials carried out at Nippon Mayer show just what can be achieved here. The pattern developers and specialist technologists in Japan closelystudied the possibilities offered by the newly configured RDPJ 6/2 EL, and have developedmore than 50 patterns over the last two years. The designs include strict, geometricarrangements with high/low effects, as well as sweeping, three-dimensional wavy designs,bright fruit patterns and complex, imaginative designs having different height profiles.Openwork patterns can also be integrated seamlessly into the textiles. These are inespecially high demand as breathable zones in functional clothing and shoes. Contrasting, two-colour effects can also be produced by the types of yarn used. In addition to theseinteresting patterns, important elements, such as cut edges, can be integrated for further processing, and near-netshaped products can be produced.

Optimism before the sales launch

This innovative, double-bar raschel machine should go into production in the fourth quarter of 2019. Kay Hilbert, the Head of Product Portfolio Management at KARL MAYER, is optimistically looking forward to the sales launch. The newly configured RDPJ 6/2 EL and selected 4D-KNIT items were on show at the last ITMA in Barcelona, and were a highlight of KARL MAYER’s stand.

Well-thought-out machine technology

This new version of the RDPJ 6/2 EL is available in a gauge of E 24 and a working width of138". Its exceptional patterning possibilities are based on an intelligent technicalconfiguration and the well thought- out design of the knitting elements, combined with Karl Mayer’s tried-and-tested piezo jacquard technology. The machine also features themanufacturer’s new LED lighting concept. With its adjustable knock over comb bar distance,this machine is a good, all-round machine. With a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 mm, 4D-KNIT itemsand double-layered fabrics can be produced and, at a distance of between2.0 and 8.0 mm,conventional spacer textiles can be produced - and jacquard patterns can also be worked.This wide range of patterns minimises the investment risks.


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