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Kingpins 24 highlights the importance of collaboration, new tech in denim industry


During Kingpins24, representatives from the denim supply chain said the sector can shift to a more circular model through collaborations, investment in new technologies and refining its priorities. To achieve this, Malin Ekengren, Denim Designer and Consultant, advised denim companies to reduce their emphasis on revenue. She also urged the industry to seek more consumer and government support to achieve this.

Other representatives at the exhibition added, using recycled fibers to make new fabrics could be a starting point for mills that want to introduce circularity into their product design. Denim manufacturer Kaitex has been using recycled fibers in its production for the past 15 years. The company’s Vice President, advises manufacturers to find a way to manage the stewardship of the input variables to the point that we can return a large percentage of them in a circular fashion.

Sebla Onder, Sustainability Head,Orta Anadolu, views circularity as a group effort and referenced several of Orta’s latest collaborations, including the Alliance for Responsible Denim and Turkey Materials Marketplace, a cloud-based platform designed to facilitate cross-industry materials reuse among Turkish companies. According to her it is crucial to choose partners wisely. This year, the denim mill plans to shift its focus to its handprint.


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