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Kingpins launches water initiative

Denim trade show Kingpins Amsterdam has launched the One Million Liters of water initiative. To raise awareness, the initiative invites users to select the cause they want to donate the next million liters of water. The campaign’s core mission is to raise awareness by showing how changing one part of the production or manufacturing process can speed up change towards a more sustainable textile industry.

With DryIndigo technology, Tejidos Royo saved more than a million liters of water used in denim dyeing this year. The economic contribution from the first million liters saved has been donated to UNICEF for its water and sanitation programs, which improve the lives of thousands of children around the world. Producing a pair of jeans using the conventional system uses an amount of water equivalent to what one person could drink over seven years. DryIndigo uses no water in the dyeing process. It also reduces energy consumption by 65 per cent during manufacture, uses 89 per cent less chemical products, and completely eliminates waste water discharge.

Kingpins Amsterdam was held October 23 to 24, 2019. More than fifty exhibitors participated, most of them Asian, from countries like Taiwan, Thailand, China, India, Bangladesh, Japan and Singapore.


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