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Kraig Biocraft Labs boosts spider silk output after trials


Kraig Biocraft Labs announced positive results from their spring spider silk production trials. By analyzing these trials, the company identified key factors that led to exceptional results. 

Kraig Labs believes these advancements will allow them to achieve their goal of metric ton-level spider silk production in 2024.

The improvements span five areas: silkworm genetics, feeding cycles, feedstock selection, facility layout, and staffing procedures. These resulted in the company's strongest and most productive silkworms to date. 

While details remain proprietary, the advancements broadly involve silkworm nutrition, climate control, genetics, staffing techniques, and rearing environments.

Kraig Biocraft Labs CEO Kim Thompson hailed the spring trials as a game-changer, positioning the company for a rapid production scale-up to meet surging spider silk demand.

These advancements will expedite the launch of larger-scale operations and the next generation of spider silk hybrids, the BAM-1, nearly a month ahead of schedule. Kraig Labs will keep shareholders informed as production expands.



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