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Lanka to hold Textile Coloration conference in March

Sri Lanka is hosting Textile Coloration conference on March 8, 2017. The conference will bring together textile colorists, buyers, retailers, garmenters, academicians, and researchers from around the world to discuss technical innovations and green initiatives in the textile coloration industry. The event will tackle some difficult questions around technical innovation and environmental sustainability within the textile coloration industry. It will consist of three sessions: compliance in color management, compliance in textile coloration and compliance in fashion.

The conference will help visitors meet the people who are driving the change; get to know the people who have used the new innovations, and learn the path to a better world of coloration. Some of the questions that will be answered during the summit include: What’s the way ahead? Who will pay for the increased cost of sustainability? Is fashion the most polluting industry? How toxic are the clothes that I buy? How organic is organic?

The world is changing fast and colorists have to recognize the challenge. One of the factors affecting the industry is the growing demand from retailers and brands for best performance at low prices. Eco-norms also continue to change frequently, placing colorists under pressure and arguably introducing trade barriers.