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Lenzing creates new recycled fiber ‘Refibra’

Lenzing has developed a new fiber based on cotton scraps and wood. Called Refibra, it is the first cellulose fiber featuring recycled material on a commercial scale. Refibra stands for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This fiber is made of recycled materials and promises reduced reliance on natural raw materials. The fiber is produced in tencel production process. Tencel itself is an environmentally responsible fiber of botanic origin. Because Refibra is based on the tencel fiber, which has been internationally recognized for its environmentally responsible closed loop production process, Refibra offers a deep sustainability profile that clearly contributes to circular economy.

Refibra is expected to build Lenzing’s reputation as a leader in the field of environmental fiber technology and push for new solutions in the textile industry toward a circular economy by recycling production waste.

To assure customers that the fiber, made from recycled material, is really in the textiles, Lenzing has developed a new identification system. The system makes it possible to identify Refibra in the finished textile. This is said to guarantee transparency in the overall processing chain. The Refibra fiber itself is part of the global Lenzing Branding Service and the brand is licensed once the textile has undergone a certification process.