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Lenzing Group revolutionizes global fiber supply chain with real-time ocean shipment tracker


Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, is revolutionizing the fiber supply chain with a real-time ocean shipment tracker. In partnership with project44, this tracker aligns with Lenzing's sustainability goals, offering carbon emissions visibility and enhancing customer experiences.

To combat supply chain complexities, Lenzing integrates a real-time API between SAP and project44's Movement platform, bolstered by AI, GPS sensors, and machine learning. Customers gain real-time insights, including shipment status, container location, vessel routes, and estimated arrival times worldwide.

Thomas Panholzer, VP Global Supply Chain at Lenzing, emphasizes the importance of transparency and sustainability, promoting carbon emission tracking to collaborate with customers in reducing emissions.

Lenzing's tracker provides carbon emission data accredited by GLEC, enabling partners to set emission targets and adjust shipments accordingly. Jett McCandless, CEO of project44, highlights the power of collaboration in supply chain visibility.

Lenzing's VP of Global Sales Textiles, Jayaraman Sethuraman, supports the journey to reduce carbon emissions. The Pallavaa Group, a partner, expresses readiness for carbon-neutral solutions.

Lenzing IT's Christian Platzer underlines their commitment to enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction. Starting in September, Lenzing's ocean shipment tracker becomes accessible worldwide.



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