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Made in America gains ground in sportswear segment

American sportswear brands are beginning to experiment with manufacturing at home. What they do is limited run collections that test both the process and the prices that customers are willing to pay for domestic goods. Often, the manufacturing processes that are being utilized in the US are new technologies that aim to disrupt decades-old processes. Disruptive because the broader sports industry still makes a vast majority of goods abroad, mostly Asian nations. Local manufacturing is seen as competitive as it allows products to be made at a tighter timeline and for a local audience. The aim is to bring jobs back to America and to tighten American brands’ supply chains around the world.

Under Armour is one such brand. It’s the second largest sports brand in the US. It’s committed to designing and manufacturing apparel and footwear out of a 35,000-sq. ft. facility that opened last year.

Under Armour isn't the only sports brand that is experimenting with US-made processes. Adidas plans to build a 74,000 sq. ft. production factory that would focus on running footwear. It is expected to be fully functional in the second half of 2017 with an initial targeted production of 50,000 pairs of shoes this year. Reebok is also bringing some manufacturing capabilities to the US. It plans to open a manufacturing lab that relies on futuristic liquid material and 3D drawing.