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New Age washing machines cut down on water use

Xeros has a near-waterless laundry system. Polymer technology allows washing machines to use a fraction of the water normally used during washing, while still being able to remove stains and protect linen for hundreds of machine washes.

Xeros has developed washing machine components capable of reducing water use by 50 per cent and preventing microfiber shedding from synthetic clothing. It is estimated that each laundry cycle creates hundreds of thousands of microfibers from textiles.

The XOrb polymer technology and XDrum technology work together inside the washing machines to prevent water loss and promote lower use. X Filtra also uses a filtration process to reduce the number of microfibers released from textiles when washed.

Xeros’ core purpose is to give washing machine manufacturers and home laundry customers a washing solution that delivers unparalleled cleaning results and garment care, at the lowest cost, and with the greatest sustainability for the planet.

The laundry system is expected to be great benefit to Cape Town, South Africa, which has had a severe lack of water in recent months and where municipal water supply may be shut off in July. If this happens, Cape Town will be the first major city in the world to run out of water.