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Partnership between Eastman and Patagonia tackles textile waste


In a bid to combat textile waste, Eastman has forged an alliance with outdoor apparel giant Patagonia. Together, they aim to repurpose 8,000 pounds of both pre- and post-consumer clothing waste. 

Eastman will utilize its cutting-edge molecular recycling technology to process the discarded garments, breaking them down into molecular building blocks for the creation of new fibers.

Natalie Banakis, Patagonia's materials innovation engineer, stressed the urgency of addressing apparel waste, noting the growing consumer demand for sustainable solutions. 

Meanwhile, Carolina Sister Cohn, Eastman's global marketing lead for textiles, emphasized the transformative potential of collaborations like these in revolutionizing the fashion industry's approach to sustainability. 

Cohn expressed confidence in Eastman's technology to foster circularity within the textiles sector and highlighted the necessity of partnerships with forward-thinking brands to drive meaningful change.

The partnership marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future for fashion, with both companies committed to further collaborations throughout 2024 and beyond.



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