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Propper International enhances efficiency with Coats Digital's GSDCost solution


In a strategic move, Propper International Inc, a major supplier to the United States armed forces and other law enforcement markets, has teamed up with Coats Digital to implement the GSDCost solution. This innovative collaboration aims to revolutionize Propper's production operations by leveraging data-driven methodologies. The adoption of GSDCost promises to usher in a new era of streamlined efficiency, enhanced line balancing, and improved capacity planning processes for Propper International.

Propper International, known for manufacturing over 120 million garments for the U.S. Department of Defense and catering to a global workforce of 1,400, seeks to boost its manufacturing prowess further. The decision to adopt GSDCost stems from the need to replace time-consuming manual procedures with accurate, data-backed processes. The solution is projected to yield efficiency improvements ranging from 3% to 7% in its inaugural year.

Eric Marambio, Engineering Manager at Propper International Inc., expressed enthusiasm for the transformational potential of GSDCost. He highlighted structured sewing operation methods, achievable production goals, and accurate Standard Minute Values (SMV) calculations as some of the invaluable benefits the tool offers. The user-friendly interface and robust data sharing capabilities are expected to elevate Propper's product ranges quickly and successfully.

This collaboration aligns with Propper's goal to eliminate deficiencies in time, cost, and method analyses while ensuring efficient production management through real-time reporting. By reducing reliance on Excel spreadsheets, Propper aims to bridge the gap between planners and operators, thereby minimizing confusion, incorrect line balancing, and resource wastage.

Georgina Vazquez, Project Manager at Coats Digital, commended Propper's choice of GSDCost as a means to optimize production using scientifically proven methods. The implementation promises to enhance efficiency, ultimately positioning Propper International as a leader in the industry.

Coats Digital's GSDCost solution, based on the GSD methodology, is recognized as an international standard in the sewn products industry. It facilitates collaboration, transparency, and sustainability throughout the supply chain, allowing for accurate cost prediction and a more efficient garment manufacturing process. This strategic partnership exemplifies Propper International's commitment to excellence and growth in the market.



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