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RIL launches two new initiatives at Bharat Tex 2024


Reliance Industries (RIL) launched two new initiatives at Bharat Tex 2024. The company unveiled the global expansion of the Circular Design Challenge (CDC) besides launching Ecotherm, revolutionary product set to transform the textile industry.

Launched in partnership with the UN in India and Lakmé Fashion Week, CDC has extended its reach to encompass the UK, EU, and APAC regions, inviting designers worldwide to champion circularity and sustainability in fashion. 

At the Pavilion, attendees explore offerings from RIL and affiliates, including Alok Industries, Sintex Industries, and more, alongside the R|Elan Hub Excellence Program (HEP) Partners, driving innovation in textiles.

A game-changing fiber, Ecotherm offers a blend of properties tailored for modern consumers: it's lightweight, high bulk, thermally efficient, resilient, soft, and highly dyeable. Its stable pricing and co-branding opportunities make it economically attractive, while ‘Reliance Rishta’ supports the Indian textile industry with specialised products, trend forecasts, and marketing assistance.

To extend product development support, RIL is offering indigenous alternatives like Cotluk Fibers, Sapan filament yarn, and Dull PBT, meeting sustainability demands. Initiatives like the denim revolution and Low Melt Yarn reduce environmental impact and promote national self-sufficiency.

RIL is partnering with designers and industry players to make sustainable fabrics accessible and desirable globally. Through the HEP initiative, the company empowers over 50 industry players with expertise and consultation, ensuring quality textiles. This aligns with their commitment to consumer satisfaction and sustainability.



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